I must have been 4 years old when I tried to pronounce the word “airplane” for the first time. But since I live in The Netherlands and Dutch is one of the most complicated languages in the world, my pronunciation was horrible. I started to mix up vowels and consonants in my head and ended up saying “listaya” which is not even close to the Dutch word “vliegtuig”. However being fascinated by the sight of airplanes crossing the great blue sky, my love for aviation grew quickly. By the time I was ten years old I wanted to become an airline pilot like the majority of kids in my neighborhood; the others preferred being DJ or fireman.

As I grew older I decided to pursue a career in industrial engineering and management sciences. I never lost my appetite for flying (as a passenger) or spotting airplanes, but as I matured my perspective on “feasible hobbies” changed quite a bit. I started to develop some websites at the age of 16, picked up console gaming and simulator flying when I was 22, and set myself to learning Spanish at the age of 34. So here I am now at the age of 37, ready to combine all my hobbies into a great new one.

In March 2011 I bought a copy of XPlane, the perfect flight simulator software for my new iMac. And after many hours of virtual cockpit training, I decided to put it all together. I now use my iMac together with the X-Plane software to make an extensive flight around the world in an British Aerospace Avro RJ 85. Just to make sure I can handle this severe task, I started by flying around the mainland of Spain first (how about that for fitting in my Spanish lessons). I turned out to be ready for the big job ahead of me. On this website you will be able to track my progress and read about everything that comes with flying a simulator plane. Welcome to my dream...


Welcome to my dream

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